Firmware download

Troja v 5.03 (09-24-2021)
Cobra v 5.03 (09-24-2021)
  • added support for TiVuSat Black and Green smartcards (4K channels support too)
caid_list (09-24-2021)
mod_box (09-24-2021)

Troja v 5.02 (02-23-2021)
Cobra v 5.02 (02-23-2021)
  • added support for UnityMedia HD channels on UM02 smartcards (RTL HD, Pro7 HD and so on)
  • added support for TiVù Sat Silver 4k Ultra HD smartcard version
  • fixed EMM filtering for nagra CAK7 seca tunneled cards (caid 1811/1814/1817)
  • fixed a bug on Viaccess 2 emulator, ANT-1 is working again (Cobra only)
caid_list (02-23-2021)
mod_box (02-23-2021)

Troja v 5.01 (09-23-2020)
  • fixed a bug on KabelDeutschland CAK7 Nagravision smartcards (D03/08 cards)
Cobra v 5.01 (09-23-2020)
  • fixed a bug reading keys for emulator, you need to update also Flashing tool software (Cobra only)

Troja v 5.00 (09-23-2020)
Cobra v 5.00 (09-23-2020)
  • added Sky De global and unique pairing support (for unique you have to insert your own keys using modbox file)
  • added CSat Merlin smartcard support caid 1811
  • added French Cayman smartcard support caid 1883
  • added support for Canal Digitaal NL Merlin tunneled card caid 1817
  • added support for UPC Cablecom smartcards
  • added support for Nagravision CAK7/Cameleon/Cayman/Merlin global and unique pairing using modbox file for your own keys
  • added support for Conax pairing RSA/cwpk (check modbox file on how to add your own keys)
  • added support for KD nagravision smartcards (HD+ channels work on D03/08 cards)
  • added support for 64 bits CWs descrambling used by TNTsat viaccess smartcards
  • added Fransat emulator (Cobra only)
  • added TNTsat emulator (Cobra only)
  • added support for 2 smartcards with same provider ID when different subscription channels are active (Deltacam only)
  • added support for 2 smartcards with different provider/smartcard on the same channel (Deltacam only)
Special stuff:
  • KabelDeutschland CAK7 Nagravision smartcards (HD+ channels work on D03/08 cards)
  • HD+ HD03/HD03a/HD04 smartcards
  • TNTsat smartcards Viaccess 6
  • CAK7/Merlin/Cameleon/Cayman smartcards unique and global pairing
  • Sky DE NDS smartcards support for global and unique pairing
  • Conax RSA and CWPK pairing
  • MaxTV CAK7 smartcards
  • UPC Cablecom smartcards
  • CSat smartcards SECA 3 pairing on HD channels (nano 01)
  • Fransat smartcards Viaccess 5/6
  • CSat smartcards Viaccess 5/6
  • TéléSAT smartcards SECA 3 pairing (nano 01)
  • Canal Digitaal NL smartcards SECA 3 pairing (nano 01)
  • TV Vlaanderen smartcards SECA 3 pairing (nano 01)
  • CanalSat smartcards (Viaccess nano E0)
  • BiS-TV smartcards (Viaccess nano E0)
  • OrangeFR smartcards (Viaccess nano E0)
  • Skylink smartcards Irdeto and ICE
  • Fransat emulator (Cobra only)
  • TNTsat emulator (Cobra only)
Deltacrypt 3.0 (06-23-2020)
  • Firmware Deltacrypt Version 3.0.